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HeyReprotech is on hiatus, but I'd like to say a thank you or two...

HeyReprotech is on hiatus, but here are some of my favourite stories from this year...

HeyReprotech is on hiatus, but here's an update on a story from earlier this year...

The invention of the first home pregnancy test

Energy, mines and resources

Seven observations about Quebec's new funded IVF

HeyReprotech's November roundup of events, news and good reads

From the archive: Should one surrogate be told about the others?

37-year-old single woman finds a sperm donor on Facebook

Leftover eggs sold in cut-price variety six-packs

Musings on the declining fertility rate

What's it like to find the donor after years of searching?

On ranking embryos best to worst

Is surrogacy a spiritual labour of love — or mere work for hire?

Why do we feel bad for some people cut off from bio-parents but not others?

The link between donor gametes and preeclampsia

Not-for-profit fertility care — imagine!

When donor becomes dad

The "thinkability" of trans people having babies

Is it okay to treat patients whose prospects are close to nil?

Surrogacy versus uterus transplantation: what's best from the womb-provider's point of view?

A few thoughts on the Barwin settlement

Reminder about the upcoming price increase and paywall

HeyReprotech is on hiatus. But here's something a surrogate recently said to me...

HeyReprotech is on hiatus this week, but here's something I heard

Summer longreads 2021 plus important updates

Things you deserve to know about PGT-A

What does it tell us that so many doctors used their own sperm?

Is a gay man who uses medical help to father a child a "patient"?

"Emotional choreography" and the cross-border egg trade

Interested in assisted reproduction and the people it affects? This newsletter is for you.

No more giving one twin a passport and the other the boot

Sex selection and the unbalanced family

Who needs a sperm bank when you've got Facebook? The rise of indie sperm donors

"DNA makes us who we are"

Test and freeze your sperm from home

What I tell my daughters

Racial identity versus genetic relatedness

Podcasts galore!

Lab-grown human "embryos" and mice gestating in bottles

Three men and their international surrogacies

Guaranteed Baby Success 100% Refund Package

There's a tax break for adoption but not surrogacy — is that fair?

The stuff in the petri dish can affect your IVF baby

When an anonymous donor discovers a genetic disease

New York's new law allowing paid surrogacy comes with a Bill of Rights for surrogates

Are clinic websites honest about egg freezing?

When intended parents offer surrogates a post-birth relationship, do they mean it?

If you're pregnant or trying, should you get the vaccine?

Patients are suing over an embryo screening technology that wasn't as accurate as promised

Annual book list

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