Reminder about the upcoming price increase and paywall

HeyReprotech is on hiatus until next week. But I just wanted to remind you that prices are going up. 

Starting August 1, 2021, HeyReprotech will cost CAD $99 for an annual subscription or CAD $10 per month. 

If you purchase an annual subscription before then, you will be charged the current price. If you are already a paying subscriber, you won't be charged the higher fee until the next billing cycle. If you are a monthly subscriber, the monthly fee will go up when your August bill comes due.

Subscribe before August 1st to get the current price.

Also, if you hold HeyReprotech especially dear, and want to show a little extra love, there is now an option to become a "founding subscriber" at a higher subscription rate.

All prices will continue to include Ontario's 13% Harmonized Sales Tax (HST).

A second change is that starting September 1, 2021, HeyReprotech will become a paying-only newsletter. That means that only paying subscribers will get access to the full content every week. There will still be a few free posts now and then, but they will be very occasional.

All the August posts will be open to everyone. 

I realize that there are some readers whose circumstances make paying the full price very difficult. I don't want you to give up the newsletter because you can't afford the price. Please contact me directly by email at so that we can work out a discount. I want you here reading the newsletter, and I value your interest. 

Also, group rates for workplaces or organizations that have multiple people who'd like to read the newsletter are now available. Please contact me directly at to discuss a custom arrangement. 

To everyone who reads HeyReprotech, thank you for being here and sharing in the conversation about assisted reproduction. As HeyReprotech moves into its fourth year, I am more grateful than you can know for your continued interest and support.