HeyReprotech is on hiatus this week, but here's something I heard

HeyReprotech is on hiatus. See you the first week of August!

Here’s something I heard during a recent online panel discussion.

I think that my emotional health has taken something of a roller coaster ride in the last 18 months, since I joined groups where I got to hear the experiences and opinions of donor-conceived people. Because I think in my mind just for the last ten or fifteen years, all donor-conceived people were, like, children. I hadn't thought that they actually grew up into adults. 

They range all the way up to their sixties and seventies. They have opinions to share and experiences. Some of them feel they are a very marginalized group. Some of them feel discriminated against. So it really shook up my whole view on what I've been personally involved in and professionally involved in for the last 15 years. And I'd say that's been a really big emotional journey for me."

Cathy Nicholson, five time egg donor (both ID release and known) and former egg donor coordinator for an egg donor recruitment organization

From "The new landscape of egg donation: Egg donors give their views," panel discussion, The EDNA Project, De Montfort University (min 1:22:20)


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