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Some favourite stories from this year

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Vitrification has changed egg donation and some donors are not pleased

"The court does and should have the capacity to recognize new and diverse family structures" — and it just did

HeyReprotech's November roundup

What do donor-conceived people owe half-siblings and others in their new families?

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Extortion in Canada's egg trade

Canada's attempt to regulate fertility — the early days

HeyReprotech's October roundup

Should preventing harmful heritable mutations from being passed on be publicly funded?

Patient or customer?

A good age to find out you're donor conceived

HeyReprotech's September roundup

Wild West or state chaperone — two models for regulating surrogacy

It's okay to not freeze your eggs

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SUMMER REPLAY: Is post-death conception okay?

SUMMER REPLAY: The false hope of open identity donors

SUMMER REPLAY: On becoming a mother in your late fifties

SUMMER REPLAY: Is it okay to offer cut-price IVF in return for a patient's sperm?

SUMMER REPLAY: Sperm donation worries then and now

SUMMER REPLAY: What is it like to have multiples?

SUMMER REPLAY: When intended parents offer surrogates a post-birth relationship, do they mean it?

SUMMER REPLAY: Insemination fraud

SUMMER REPLAY: She donated eggs to her sister — how did it turn out?

Can a simple 30-minute outpatient procedure resolve blocked tubes?

Nine documentaries about assisted reproduction

On learning your sperm count is zero.

Colorado bans anonymity

Surrogacy and the single man: how old is too old?

Rescuing former surrogates from war

HeyReprotech's May roundup of events, studies and good reads

How often do "bad" embryos lead to "good" babies?

Questions raised by the draft US Supreme Court decision on abortion

Why do we know so little about men's reproductive health?

A pregnant trans man describes what it's like

HeyReprotech's April roundup of events, studies and good reads

Donating eggs in exchange for freezing

Tax credits for surrogacy and donors: some observations

Doctors who used their own sperm — how do we keep track of them all?

Good listens 2022

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HeyReprotech's March roundup of events and good reads

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Convincing fertile people that they're not, and other new industry tricks

Would a test of my father's embryo have predicted the man he would become?

Are Ukraine's embryos safe?

One woman donates her uterus to another

HeyReprotech's February roundup of events and good reads

I'm launching an ad hoc temporary newsletter about surrogacy in Ukraine

When sperm donors screen recipients

When a baby is born very, very early

What happens to the surrogate babies if Ukraine is invaded?

Is it okay to offer cut-price IVF in return for a patient's sperm?

HeyReprotech's January roundup of events and good reads

Annual book list 2022

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