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Three New Year's Resolutions

So you're thinking about virgin birth...

Frozen embryo transfer is associated with higher rates of childhood cancer

"If you don't make it weird, they're not going to make it weird..."

Mosaic embryos

When international billing won't bill

Thirty years after the Convention on the Rights of the Child

The IVF insurance maze

We should regulate agencies

Pressing the pause button on CRISPR

Racialized eggs

How big is the fertility services sector?

Things I didn't know about the world's first IVF baby

Changes to sperm testing may mean more donor choice for Canadians

Buy Canadian... but pay outside the country

Could a bone marrow transplant be the answer?

What if artificial wombs become the new NICU?

On the receiving end of donated embryos

A note to paying subscribers...

"I'm deeply concerned about how the United States treats egg donors"

Can a donor withdraw consent?

Does public funding of IVF make good economic sense?

She donated eggs to her sister — how did it turn out?

Regulations rundown

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Summer hiatus

Summer reading list

On providing a sperm sample

What's up with the regulations?

Throwing out embryos

Choosing Down syndrome

Defining abuse in assisted reproduction

"I wish we had been forced into therapy..."

Uterus transplants: read the fine print

Who gets to donate sperm?

Let's stop gagging surrogates

Is a therapy designed to treat mitochondrial disease setting its sights on age?

"You're still a totally valid person even though you can't do this one thing"

What is it like to have multiples?

How many frozen eggs does it take to make a baby?

Should obese people be denied IVF?

We need to talk about CRISPR

Donor kids get company stock

Not some creepy "tummy mommy"

Is post-death conception okay?

Can you eat your way out of infertility?

How surrogates explain to their kids

Should surrogates and donors be paid?

Why do so few women go back for their eggs?

"For the rest of your lives, get a DNA test with whoever you're coupling with. That person could be your sister or brother."

Does the fertility industry peddle costly add-on treatments without evidence that they work?

The donor who was sued for child support

"Pandora's Baby: How the First Test Tube Babies Sparked the Reproductive Revolution" and other books worth checking out