Three New Year's Resolutions

May the new decade usher in an era of openness, fairness and accountability.

I'm told the only resolutions I can legitimately make are ones that apply to myself. To that end, I resolve to do my best to keep a light shining on the fertility industry. 

But I can't stop myself... Below, some suggestions for the industry, and for society at large. 


An end to secrets

Be it surrogacy, mitochondrial donation, egg or sperm donation or the use of any experimental technique, let us resolve to recognize that the person who is created through it is the person who most deserves to know about it.  

No more experimentation posing as treatment

People undergoing experimental fertility procedures deserve the same protections as other human research subjects: they should have the risks and benefits fully explained to them, they should sign a clear consent form, and they should not be charged money for their participation. 

A commitment to better data

Practitioners and researchers at the forefront of fertility treatments should pledge to support and even help fund the collection of quality data and make it available for analysis, so that patients can make wise and truly informed decisions.


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