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Five questions COVID raised around fertility

The first-ever conviction was a big deal, but almost no one was in the courtroom

When an egg donor struggles to have her own child

Should donor offspring be mentioned in a donor's obit?

What it's like to make a complaint to Health Canada

The end of an embryo: what should we call that?

Sperm donation worries then and now

"One is biologically related to me, but I am not his mom, and the other is not, but I am."

Not all fertility apps are created equal

The unknowability of foreign donors

Is it "fraud" when you sell bad sperm as good?

Secrets, lies and anonymity: a Q&A with filmmaker Barry Stevens

Is it fair to screen a donor's genes?

What's the deal with sealing orders?

Donor sperm and adverse health in adulthood?

What egg donors want intended parents to know

Ads that target young women

Seven ways in vitro gametogenesis might change who procreates

It's time for honest birth certificates

Midwives doing IUI

A boy tracked down his sperm donor and I was hooked

Summer viewing list

When a prenatal paternity test is "unreliable"

Paths accidentally cross five times within one donor family

Embryos donated to science blow the whistle on CRISPR

How COVID-19 is changing consent forms

Long-awaited reimbursement regulations are now in force

Grandparents and donor conception

International surrogacy is not as dead as you think

A COVID code of conduct — what does a patient owe to others?

Does it matter that traces of coronavirus have been found in semen?

Re-examining the 10-year limit on eggs, sperm and embryos

On becoming a mother in your late fifties

Fertility clinics push back

For some fertility patients, physical distancing brings great relief

Abortion and COVID-19

Giving birth during COVID-19

International surrogacy and COVID-19

Fertility and COVID-19

"You just save all of your receipts from the second you're matched. Doesn't matter, anything, you save it..."

In vitro maturation for cancer patients

Threats, pressure and bills when egg donors change their minds

Born via traditional surrogacy — what is that like?

Insemination fraud

Annual book list 2020

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