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HeyReprotech's weekly newsletter will launch in September 2018. 

Each issue will contain a story, a back story to a story, an update on a story, a provocative nugget of information, brand new data, a report on academic research, or a link to a short podcast. The selection will be similar in tone to other things I've produced over the years, like the story about how parents of donors feel about their donor grandchildren or about egg donors who sued over price-fixing

If you already know my work and value it, please consider being a paying subscriber right from the outset. It will help ensure that I can continue to write about all the issues that you and I both find ridiculously interesting and important. If you aren't familiar with my work or want to think about it, by all means, take your time. If you aren't in a position to commit but want to join in, please know that I want you here reading and thinking about these issues and I welcome you as a non-paying subscriber. 

While in future some stories may be directed only to paying subscribers, for now all material will go to all subscribers. 

Thank you!

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